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By The Allergy Center, PA
July 16, 2021
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Allergy FatigueIf you feel wiped out and more tired than usual and you suffer from allergies, you aren’t imagining things! Your brain fog and daytime fatigue could be caused by your allergies. Of course, asthma and allergy specialist also knows just how brutal allergy fatigue can be for work or school performance. Here’s what you should know about allergy-related fatigue.

Your Immune System is in Overdrive

When you have allergies, your body is reacting to an otherwise harmless substance as if it were dangerous. As a result, your body releases histamine to “fight” the substance, which can lead to inflammation and cause you to feel tired. If you regularly deal with a stuffy nose and other allergy symptoms, particularly at night, your exhaustion could only be made worse by a night (or more) of bad sleep.

Know What Meds to Take

We know that many people dealing with severe allergies are simply looking for relief, and fast! Of course, the medication you may be reaching for could actually make your fatigue worse. It’s important to know what you’re taking before you take it. For example, antihistamines are often notorious for making people sleepy. If you need to take an antihistamine, make sure to grab a non-drowsy one from your local drugstore. If in doubt, ask the pharmacist!

Know Your Triggers

To avoid being exposed to the allergen in the first place, it’s first important to know what you’re allergic to. If you don’t know already, then it’s time to turn to an allergist who can perform the appropriate allergy testing. By knowing which allergens trigger your symptoms you have better luck avoiding them.

You should also talk with your allergist about allergy medications that could improve your symptoms as well as whether you could benefit from allergy shots. If you’re looking for more natural remedies, you may want to try a Neti pot, which can help to flush out bacteria and allergens in the nasal passages to improve sinus symptoms.

If you are losing the battle with allergy fatigue, it’s time to turn to an allergy specialist who can map out the ideal treatment plan and provide you with the right medications to help you start feeling better fast.