Are Allergy Shots Right for Me?
By The Allergy Center, PA
June 17, 2021
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Allergy ShotsEveryone experiences different symptoms when it comes to allergies. For some, their symptoms only flare up during certain times of the year, while for others their symptoms are persistent and severe. Depending on the type of allergies you’re dealing with, you could be an ideal candidate for allergy shots. Here’s what you should know,
The Time and Effort is Worth It

Yes, getting allergy shots is a process, but for many people getting immunotherapy can be life-changing and provide long-term relief. People who suffer from severe allergies that alter their quality of life or may even have dangerous allergic reactions can see a major difference after getting allergy shots.

Better yet, this isn’t just an option for adults. Children, teens, and young adults can also be great candidates for allergy shots. If you find that you can’t often enjoy the things you loved because of your allergies, allergy shots may be right for you.
Allergy Shots Contains Allergens

Just as some vaccines work by injecting a weakened form of a virus into the body to stimulate the immune system to produce the appropriate antibodies, allergy shots work by exposing the body to a very small amount of the allergen. As your treatment progresses, the amount of allergen that is injected into the body will increase, but so too will your immunity to it. Some people see such dramatic results after allergy shots that they don’t even need medicine anymore (or, at the very least, don’t have to rely on medicine nearly as much).

Of course, since allergy shots do introduce the body to the allergen, reactions can occur. It’s important to talk with your allergist about possible reactions that could happen and how to handle them if they happen.
Allergy Shots are for Many Kinds of Allergies

Most people assume that allergy shots are only ideal for those dealing with seasonal allergies, but this simply isn’t true. Immunotherapy can also be a great option for people dealing with year-long allergies, indoor allergies (e.g. pet dander; mold), and insect bites and stings. Of course, it’s important to note that allergy shots are not effective for food allergies (right now the best option is to avoid the food altogether).
If you have been dealing with severe allergy symptoms that aren’t responding to over-the-counter or prescription treatment options, then you may want to talk with your allergist about whether allergy shots are the next step.