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By The Allergy Center, PA
February 11, 2021
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Can I Have a Pet if I'm AllergicYes, you can still have a pet even if you may be allergic to them.

Having a pet can be incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun; however, if you or your child has just found out that they have pet allergies, then you may be concerned about cohabitating with your furry companion or you may worry that now you can’t have a pet. Before you fear never being able to have a pet or having to rehome your companion, your allergist will be able to provide effective solutions to help alleviate and manage your pet allergies while still living a wonderful life with your pet under one roof.

Adopt Pet-Free Zones

If your pet has full reign of the house, chances are fairly good that your allergies are acting up pretty regularly. You must keep certain areas “allergy-free” zones, which are off-limits to your pet. Your bedroom should always be a pet-free zone if it isn’t already. Also use a HEPA air filter in these rooms to help purifier the air and remove dander, germs, and bacteria.

Give Your Pet Regular Baths

To help prevent dander from building up, you must bathe your pet at least once a week (if you find that this is too tough on your allergies, you can easily have the pet taken to a local groomer to have the job done). If you do plan to bathe your pet yourself, make sure to use shampoos and products that are designed for pets only.

Place Air Filters in all Rooms

If you can, it’s a good idea to place air filters throughout your home, not just in your bedroom. HEPA air filters will be able to remove dander and airborne germs, while also preventing allergens from getting trapped on curtains, rugs, and furniture. Of course, while an air filter can be helpful it isn’t foolproof. You’ll also want to wash all couch coverings, beds (including your pet’s), and rugs regularly.

Use Allergy Treatments

This will take some trial and error, and you’ll want to work with an allergist. After all, you might think that you’re allergic to your pet when it could actually be a different allergen altogether. An allergist can test for all allergies to determine what’s causing your symptoms. We can also recommend or prescribe antihistamine sprays or oral medications. For more severe pet allergies, you may wish to consider immunotherapy (aka allergy shots), which is incredibly effective for lessening or even getting rid of pet allergies completely.

If you are worried that your or your child might have pet allergies, an allergist is a perfect person to turn to for answers. They can diagnose your allergies and also provide you with a custom treatment plan to help you get your allergies under control so that you and your pet can live happily ever after.